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The Night in Cebu

Philippines 2018

Cebu is one of the most modern cities in the Philippines with its omnipresent misery.

 When comes the night begins a strange show. People eat, laugh, play, watch TV, work and sleep where they are when sleep comes.

At best, they sleep on the stall of their business, on their tricycle, their trolley. At worst, on the floor.

For a foreign gaze it is the court of miracles, for them it is everyday life.

"Why are we poor? We Filipinos are not shambles. "

Indeed, they have two or three jobs in the same day.

How to do when you have 8 or 12 children?

In this incessant bazaar, what is most striking is the life, the joy, the energy of existence, against all odds.

Nothing really falls asleep, everything goes on, life too.

The improbable desire to believe.

It's their strength to look forward.

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