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I am
A portrait of a generationHong Kong 2024

我是. I am proud to be who I am. I am proud of my look. I AM.


There is a phenomenon in Hong Kong where young tourists come to take photos and 

act like supermodels.

The vast majority are young women. From cool hip-hop style, to sweet girl-next-door style, people choose to dress up stylishly for the photos. 

There are a few places in Hong Kong which are “must-go photo spots”. People queue 

up to take pictures.

They respectfully wait until the previous ones have finished taking the photos before taking their place.

They strike poses, and act as professional models.


Here, the model directs the photo shoot. They have a very precise idea of the results they want to have.

The photographer is purely here to press the shutter button. 

The model has full control of the images.

After a few poses, the model checks the results, gives their instructions to the photographer, and the process starts again.

It’s an immutable ballet.


I invite them to pose for me, and to be models.

The session is very quick, around ten photos in a minute or two.

I have to take the pictures quickly so they don't get tired.

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